Workplace incident analysis template to monitor safety-related metrics and trends.
This ready to use Excel Template allows you to monitor and analyze incidents related to workplace safety through KPIs and graphical trend analysis that can be viewed for different periods and locations.  The dashboard includes key indicators like the frequency rate of work accidents with and without lost time, the severity rate, lost workdays, downtime due to incidents, the investigations status, as well as a detailed analysis of incidents by location, root cause, type, people involved, type of injury, etc.
With this dashboard you can monitor:

  • Workplace Safety KPIs: total number of incidents, workplace accidents and near misses. Headcount, number of occupational health and safety training hours, accident frequency rate with and without lost time, the severity rate of work accidents, the total number of lost workdays because of work accidents and the downtime caused by all incidents.
  • Incident analysis: total number and percentage of incidents by the type and the location of the incident, the root causes, the contributing factors, the type of injury, the parts of the body affected (with pictogram) and the category of involved person.
  • The status of work accident investigations.
  • The monthly trend of frequency rate for work accidents with and without lost time.
  • The monthly trend of severity rate for work accidents.
  • Analyses can be filtered by root cause, location, year and by month.

Using this tool is very simple, you just need to enter regularly or import:

  • Enter Regularly or import workplace incidents data.
  • Enter or import human resources data.

It is a practical and easy-to-use template, ideal for Executives, Plant, Production and Safety Managers who need to analyze and improve safety at their plants. It can help you to reduce safety-related issues.

👉 Watch Video: https://youtu.be/nr27-RyYY1w

How to Use:

  • Ready-to-use model, just enter or import your data.
  • Dashboard ready to be printed.
  • Instructions on the Excel sheet "User Guide".
  • Allow Macros to run (enable content when opening file).
  • Requires Microsoft Excel version 2013 or higher with POWER PIVOT add-in

How do you know if you have Power Pivot? 👉 https://youtu.be/-3U0Om5d_JU

Customizable model:

Colors, fonts, and all style attributes can be changed to suit your needs. If you want to make changes on your own, just enter the password included with the file to unlock the template.
Included in the download:

  • A template with sample data + An empty template, ready to receive your data.  
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