Strategy Templates

Utilize our collection of strategy templates to perform in-dept strategic analysis of a business to help improve its operational performance!
Competitive Forces (Porter's Five Forces Template) Competitive Forces (Porter's Five Forces Template)
Download a free Porter's five forces template to analyze the competitive dynamics in an industry. In the strategic planning process,…
One Page Plan - Cheat Sheet One Page Plan - Cheat Sheet
This template is the cheat sheet for the course "Building a One Page Plan" by Getting People Right. You can…
Personal One Page Plan Personal One Page Plan
The personal one page plan helps clarify your 10 year vision, orients you on the right track with new habits,…
Alpha Growth Equity Strategy Alpha Growth Equity Strategy
 This Growth Strategy Portoflio is actively managed by professional portfolio managers, meaning that the team make all the buy and…
Quantitative Algorithm Growth Equity Strategy Quantitative Algorithm Growth Equity Strategy
 What do we offer? Our portfolio is a Quantitative Algorithm Growth Equity Strategy and is updated regularly ( every week is…
Capital Budgeting Decision Model Capital Budgeting Decision Model
General overview  The capital budgeting model is constructed to evaluate potential major projects or investments that would require capital budgeting…
Commercial Project and Task Manager Commercial Project and Task Manager
This is an Excel based Project Management tool which includes: Up to 10 years project storage Fully customisable View projects…
Growth Opportunity Landscape Framework Growth Opportunity Landscape Framework
A water-tight, proven 3-step framework to discover hidden growth opportunities in your product. For whom: Marketers, Product Managers, UX designers…
Discover Option Strategies : The practical and theoretical aspects of various option trading Discover Option Strategies : The practical and theoretical aspects of various option trading
A million-dollar question!!! is the options market really helpful to maximize investor's wealth ?? and the answer is yes of…

Business Strategy Templates

Browse and download free business strategy templates from CFI marketplace. Get strategy templates and begin tour strategic analysis today!

What is Strategy?

Strategy is a plan of actions taken by managers to achieve a company’s overall goals. It’s essentially about deciding where the company wants to play in the market and how it is going to win customers. Strategy is a critical part of a business plan because it is closely tied to financial analysis and other aspects of a business. When a company develops its strategy, it has to consider different factors including the internal and external environment, opportunities and risks, as well as the company’s current and future performance.

Levels of Strategy

There are three different levels of strategy:

1. Corporate-level (Portfolio): Decisions about managing multiple businesses in the form of horizontal integration, vertical integration, diversification, acquisitions, etc.

2. Business-level: Market positioning strategies to help the company gain competitive advantage in one or multiple industry.

3. Functional-level: Activities within and between various functions of a company with the aim of improving efficiency of the overall business.

Strategic Analysis Process

Strategic analysis is an ongoing process. The essential steps are:

  • Assess the external environment which the business operates in and the internal environment of the company, which directly influences the current strategy the business is using.
  • Evaluate and assess current strategy relative to the market, goals, and expected future performance.
  • Generate strategic alternatives which will create value for the company and evaluate them based on certain key criteria.
  • Recommend and implement the optimal strategic alternative, which will be constantly monitored and reassessed.

Management Templates

Meeting Schedule Framework
This meeting schedule template slide can be used to organize and structure your team meetings at your company.
Free Breakeven Point Analysis
What is a break even analysis? How to find the break even point? The new year is a valuable time…
Free Project Planner Gantt Chart Excel Template
Free Project Planner Gantt Chart Excel Template That should cover the basics for most projects. But if you…
Moving Average and Linear Forcast Charts based on Şişecam Group of Companies' Sales Numbers
Source:   In statistics, a moving average (rolling average or running average) is a calculation to analyze data points by creating a…
Dynamic Diagram...
Dynamic Diagram based upon the data (import from geographic regions) of the State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan...One…
Migration Tornado Chart by Gender & Age Group
Attached Excel Migration Tornado Chart (by Gender & Age Group in Azerbaijan, 2018) is like a four-sided (the first 2…
Data Table: It is a range of cells where one column consists of a series of values, called input cells…
Sales_Analysis_Reportin Power BI
Hello, After participating in Enterprise DNA programs, I prepared reports on three topics in Power BI. The first report I…
Kebabs, Pizzas and Sandwiches Recipes and Ideas
Dear Excel Lovers! Dear Fast Food Lovers! The Excel template contains menus, including the foods and quantities used in the…
Quote Builder
Quote Builder pulls the data from 1 sheet to another.
Credit Control & Debt Recovery Procedures
Download Credit Control & Debt Recovery Procedures
Internal Control Self-Assessment
The template shows is a modern concept in the field of control and risks. It is a system that helps…
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