This Startup Analysis and Presentation Templates Bundle incorporates a number of templates that can be employed for any startup company looking to analyze its financials and forecasting. This bundle includes the following startup templates:

Cash Flow Statement Excel Template

  • This template includes 3 statements that produce the inflows and outflows during a period of operation. These are:
  1. Operating activities – revenue-generating activities and cash flows from current assets and liabilities
  2. Investing activities – cash flows from acquisitions/ disposals of long-term assets
  3. Financing activities – cash flows resulting in changes in size of contributed equity and borrowings

Investment Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

  • This pitch deck offers a professionally and elegantly designed template to summarize your business and pitch a potential transaction.

Multi-Criteria Analysis (Balance Scorecard) Template

  • This balance scorecard enables financial analysts to compare strategic alternatives. It provides a template for filling out the important attributes that are used to measure profitability and attractiveness of each alternative.

Startup/ E-Commerce Financial Model Excel Template

  • This template allows user to professionally model their startup business. It enables the user to analyse the financials of the e-commerce, as well as supporting budgeting and planning process.

Profit and Loss Excel Template (P&L Template)

  • This template allows the user to create an income statement by entering the figures into the actionable cells. Both monthly and annual statements are included.

Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) Excel Model Template

  • The WACC is the minimum rate of return an enterprise should earn in order to create value for its investors. This template assists the user in calculating the opportunity cost of the firm.

Cost of Goods Manufactured Excel Model Template

  • An effective spreadsheet for monitoring and scheduling a business’ cost of goods manufactured – sum of the total costs accumulated when manufacturing products.

Operating Budget Excel Template

  • The operating budget is prepared in advance of a reporting period as a goal or plan the business expects to achieve. Components include: revenue, variable costs, fixed costs, non-cash expenses, non-operating expenses, capital costs in an operating budget.

This business tool includes 5 Excel Templates, 2 PowerPoint Templates

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