This purchase order template (excel) is a document that you can use to request a purchase from a vendor. Use this template to make your life easier. By having items laid out clearly, this template will save you time when you need to create and fill out purchase orders.

This template was designed in Excel. Alternatively, if you prefer using Word, you can check out CFI's purchase order template (word)! Additionally, this template is part of CFI's small business and start-up templates collection. Check out these templates if you are a small-business owner. Save time and money with these efficient templates!

Components of a Purchase Order

Properly filling out a purchase order requires several pieces of information. All of this information is included in different sections of this purchase order template (excel). As a refresher, here are the different pieces you need to fill out and what they mean.

Company Information: the information relating to your company; the address, phone number, email, and website

Order Information: the date and the purchase order number to identify the order in the future

Vendor Information: the vendor's information; company name, the contact's name, address, and phone number

Shipping Information: where the order will be shipped to; recipient name, company name, address, and phone number

Requisitioner: the person who requested the purchase order

Shipped Via: the shipping method

F.O.B.: stands for 'free on board', the point which ownership is turned over from the buyer to the seller. For example, F.O.B origin means that ownership is transferred the moment it leaves the seller and begins shipping

Shipping Terms: the terms for how the order is sent. For example, prepaid shipping terms means that the buyer has already paid for the shipping within the order, leaving the seller to use those funds to send the order.

Delivery Date: the date the order should be delivered by

Purchase Information: the information associated with the order; item ID (if applicable), description of the item, quantity of the item, per unit price of the item, and the total price of the number of items ordered

Once all this information is filled out, the purchase order template (excel) will calculate the subtotal. Afterward, it will allow you to input a shipping rate and a tax rate. Then, it will calculate the total price of your purchase order.

If you want to learn more about finance for startups, check out CFI's startup financial model template or our startup/e-commerce modeling course!

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