This excel invoice template will help you create a sales invoice to keep record of your company's transactions. Use this template as a guideline and modify it to create your own invoice! This template is one of CFI's startup templates that are provided to give young companies tools to become more efficient. An invoice is used to lay out all of the terms and conditions for a transaction. It also includes all the details regarding the goods that were purchased and the amounts owed. Additionally, an invoice acts as a legally enforceable document.

Elements of an Invoice

There are many important parts of an invoice, although they do not all have to be included. You will find most of these elements included in our excel invoice template. These elements include:
  • invoice number or reference number
  • date the invoice was created or issued
  • payment due date
  • contact information and address of the vendor
  • billing address and contact information of the buyer
  • shipping address and contact information of the buyer (only if goods are shipped)
  • description of the purchased goods and services
  • number of units, price per unit, and the total price of all the goods or services that were purchased
  • total price of the transaction, including a breakdown of any discounts or taxes applied
  • payment terms, including the method of payment, banking information, the payment due date, and any discounts for early payment
As noted above, a shipping address might not be included if there are no goods to be sent out. Any primarily service-based firm is a good example of a company that would not include a shipping address in its invoices. For example, a painting company would likely not include a billing address in its invoices. As well, this excel invoice template includes a comment section where you can include payment term information. Payment terms are expressed in the format of 'net 30' or '3/10, net 30'. This means that 'payment is due in 30 days' or that clients are given a '3% discount if the payment is made within 10 days, otherwise payment is due in 30 days'. This invoice is built in Excel. If you prefer using Microsoft Word for your documents, check out CFI's other Word invoice template! CFI also has a Startup and Ecommerce Financial Modeling and Valuation course that can help you learn more about startups!
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