This cohort analysis Excel model is the perfect tool for performing cohort analysis and analyzing the behavioral tendencies of your customers and clients.

Cohort analysis is an essential part of any SaaS business, as it allows you to monitor your clients and find trends in behavior. This will then allows you to adapt your product and service accordingly in order to make improvements. For instance, this template uses the example of a SaaS business. This cohort analysis gives them the opportunity to track the use of their software by each user and identify trends and patterns in customer behavior. The first tab acts as a kind of dashboard, in which a chart shows the decline in use of the service by users signing up in each individual month. By conducting this analysis, you will be able to analyze poor performing months and make adequate changes to avoid repeating this performance. The second tab allows you to input all of the relevant data, including:
  • Join Date
  • Last Activity Date
  • Start Date
  • Months Since Last Active
This information is then processed into the dashboard chart which visualizes the decline in use of your service on a monthly basis. This model is perfect for SaaS businesses who wish to monitor customer behavior. This analysis will allow you to make changes to enhance the performance of your service and retain customers. Learn more about modeling an e-commerce business in CFI's e-Commerce Financial Modeling Course.  

This business tool includes 1 Excel File

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Arnold Magoto
Edison Neale

A great template, I hope you make a cohort analysis course in the future and go into more detail

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