Startup Templates

Find the best startup templates to save time on financial planning & analysis, financial projections, and valuation on early stage companies.

Essential Startup Templates

If you are an entrepreneur who has recently founded a company, or if you are trying to level up your team, in this marketplace, you can find all of the essential Startup Templates. Here you will find Excel, PowerPoint, and Word templates to track your internal KPIs, to save you time with Financial Planning & Analysis, projecting revenues and expenses, and have it all in an organized and presentable format for investors.

Typically, early-stage companies will use the following types of Startup Templates:

  • Three-Statement Financial Model
  • KPI Dashboard
  • Financial Projections
  • Investor Pitchdeck
  • Cap Table
  • DCF Model

How to Use the Startup Templates

To get the most out of these startup templates you’ll want to download multiples version of each type of template you’re looking for. For example, if you need a pitch deck then download 2 or 3 free ones and compare them and take pieces of each. By combining parts of different templates you can easily build one that’s custom suited to your business and your situation.

Some of the tools come with instructions on how to use them and how to update them. If that’s the case with the file you download, then be sure to follow the author’s guidelines.

Startup Templates and Tools

Additional Resources

If you want to take your startup game to the next level you may also wish to consider courses and training that give you the skills you need to build your own tools from scratch. CFI’s financial analyst courses are a great place to get started learning financial modeling, valuation, budgeting, and strategy.