This Simple Pitch Deck Template is a useful tool to summarize an early-stage or startup company's operations and performance for the purpose of pitching a potential investor. A good pitch deck should lay out the following content:
  1. The company's mission and purpose
  2. The issue customers are facing currently
  3. The company's value proposition to better serve the customers, its market position, and how it solves the issue
  4. Historical and recent trends of the product segment
  5. Market size, total addressable market (TAM), serviceable available market (SAM)
  6. Competition
  7. Product offerings and roadmap
  8. Business model
  9. Team profile
  10. Financial summary

How to Update the Startup Pitch Deck Template

After downloading the startup pitch deck template, get a sense of the flow of the presentation and the content you'll have to populate it with. As outlined above, there are at least 10 key topics you need to cover, including the mission, problem, solution, industry trends, market size and market share, information on the competition, product overviews, business model description, team biographies, and financial information (such as income statement, balance sheet, cash flow, DCF valuation, cap table, and whatever else is necessary). Go through the presentation and add all of the above information for your startup. Be sure to include as many charts, graphs, and visual displays as possible (images > words). Finally, proofread very carefully and have a professional PowerPoint designer help polish it so it looks professional. If you'd like to see more examples beyond this pitch deck template, be sure to look at all the Example Pitches and Presentations on CFI Marketplace.  
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