Pitch Deck Templates

Use CFI Marketplace’s collection of pitch deck templates to pitch your next potential IB on a deal and win the business!
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Pitch Deck Templates

Check out the collection of Pitch Deck Templates at CFI Marketplace.

What is a Pitch Deck?

A pitch deck is a sales presentation used by companies, consultants, VC/PE firms, investment banks, or anyone “pitching” an idea or selling something to about their financial products and services to potential customers. Pitches are commonly used to propose and secure a deal with clients by providing critical information about the company as laid out in the following sections:

  1. Company Overview: important information about the firm such as shareholder ownership, business model, and liquidity analysis.
  2. Industry Overview: updates on the current state of the financial markets.
  3. Valuation: includes historical share price performance, valuation overview, valuation methods.
  4. Transaction Opportunities: strategic reviews, opportunities, and recommendations
  5. Team Overview: investment banking team information

Types of Pitch Deck Templates

There are different types of pitch deck templates used for various purposes:

  • General Pitch Deck: provides an overview of a company and information about the investment company including historical completed investments, current deals, and profitability.
  • Deal Pitch: prepared for certain deals to propose how the investment firm can provide services aimed at satisfying a client’s financial needs.
  • Management Presentations: used to pitch potential investors once the company comes up with a deal with potential clients.
  • Sell-side M&A Pitch deck: used to find potential buyers for clients that are either looking to sell a part of the business or looking for a partner for strategic acquisition.
  • Startup Pitch Deck: used by early-stage companies for raising money from a VC or PE firm. Includes information on the business, market, product, distribution, founders, team, financial information, etc.

Download and Customize your Pitch Deck

CFI Marketplace is a great place to find an example or starting point for your next pitch. By downloading a variety of presentations you can quickly get a sense of what professional pitches look like, what should be included, and how they flow.

While these pitch decks are a great starting point, every company and situation is unique, so you’ll want to customize the templates to meet your own needs.