Legal Templates

Explore this catalog of legal templates to find professional document samples which you could easily modify and use on your job!
Letter of Intent Template (LOI) Letter of Intent Template (LOI)
This is a Letter of Intent template, provided by CFI, to help you create a professional and effective letter of…
Board Meeting Minutes Template Board Meeting Minutes Template
Download this board meeting minutes template as a guide to create your own document.
Independent Contractor Agreement Template Independent Contractor Agreement Template
Download this free Independent Contractor Agreement Template.
Board Meeting Minutes Template #2 Board Meeting Minutes Template #2
Download Board Meeting Minutes Template #2
Board Resolution for Accepting Banking Offer Board Resolution for Accepting Banking Offer
Download Board Resolution for Accepting Banking Offer
Discount policy Discount policy
Download Discount policy for sales equipment
Women Volleyball Teams_2018 Women Volleyball Teams_2018
This template covers women volleyball players' information of 16 countries in 2018.   Template is consisted of 4 sheets: -Cover…
Service Contract Service Contract
 A simple service contract for construction companies, painters, etc.
Credit Contract with Reserving the Right of Ownership Credit Contract with Reserving the Right of Ownership
Download Credit Contract with Reserving the Right of Ownership
Simple (short form) Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement Template Simple (short form) Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement Template
Non-disclosure agreements (or NDAs) are one of the most common agreements used by a small business.  If you and another…
Independent Contractor Agreement Independent Contractor Agreement
Small businesses are increasing their use of independent contractors.  Whether you are thinking of using an independent contractor to fulfill…
Simple Services Agreement Simple Services Agreement
A well-written services agreement makes your business look professional while also providing you and your customers with protection and clarity.…

Legal Templates and Documents

This catalog of legal templates and documents will help you navigate the challenging environment of managing a business. Here you will find templates for simple legal documents such as NDA’s (non-disclosure agreement) to more complex such as term sheets. Legal documents are necessary during all stages of the business life cycle: from business formation to daily operations and even the termination of a business. Use CFI marketplace’s legal templates to create legal documents, outline important legal information, and define legal standards for your businesses.

Legal Templates for Business Formation

Starting a business requires the crafting of multiple documents for business formation. Documents that are typically required include articles of incorporation, shareholder rights agreement, privacy policies, stock certificates and more.

Forms for Business Operations

During regular business operations, management will need a variety of legal documents, these include but are not limited to employment agreements, non-disclosure agreements, stock option documents, partnership agreements, independent contractor agreements, and many others.

Legal Templates for Investor Relations

Investor Relations departments need numerous legal documents to carry their day to day duties. such as an IRA (investor’s rights agreement), term sheet, share purchase agreements and more. The investor relations department. As with any legal document, it is important to stress that every company has different needs, and therefore it is important to tailor the template to your specific needs.

Disclaimer: The content found on this web site is provided for general information purposes only and does not constitute legal or other professional advice of any kind. Users of this web site are advised to seek specific legal advice. The documents are not prepared by attorney’s or lawyers unless stated otherwise.