An Investment Banking Pitchbook is used by investment banks to aid in the selling of products and services to potential corporate clients. Therefore, it can be a tool for generating new clients. This PowerPoint template provides a foundation for investment bankers to create a professional pitch for an M&A transaction opportunity.   This Investment Banking Pitchbook Template contains the following key sections:

1. Company Overview

A company overview is the most important section of an investment banking pitchbook because it highlights the attractiveness of the company and presents the growth opportunities to acquire in an M&A transaction. The company overview should contain all or most of the following sections:
  • History: year founded, founders / owners, key milestones
  • Valuation: historical stock performance, market price, revenue drivers, key investment highlights
  • Strategy: main product/service focus, management, details of strategy, the key to success
  • Corporate Finance Transactions: most recent and notable acquisitions, capital raising history (debt or equity), IPO
  • Ownership: top shareholders, ownership percentage and a value breakdown

2. Industry Overview

In pitching a potential investment opportunity to a company, investment bankers should provide a quick but complete overview of the industry which the company is in, key trends and statistics that matter to the company. This will help the management team makes sense of the current competitive environment and how the opportunity might benefit them. A good industry summary should ideally contain the following information:
  • Industry Overview: This section should show the industry average financial and operating metrics that are most relevant to the company you are pitching to for benchmarking.
  • Industry Forecast: This section provides an insight into how the industry is expected to be in the future, such as technological trends and segmented trends within the industry.

3. Valuation

Valuation analysis is usually the most important section of a pitchbook, for investment bankers would provide recommendations based on the results of a target company valuation. The valuation analysis component should provide a good level of detail on each valuation method in order to help management make the best decision. A transaction rationale is a summary in the written form of the merits of pursuing a transaction. It usually highlights the number of synergies resulting from the transaction, accretion/dilution, proforma financial metrics, and other strategic considerations. For an IPO transaction, this section should also provide key valuation assumptions, timing considerations, key financial sponsors, and high-level reasoning for taking on an IPO. A football field chart summarizes all the valuation ranges calculated using different methodologies. The chart presents the average of estimated target prices derived from the company's 52-week trading range, analyst consensus (equity research reports), comparable companies valuation, precedent transactions valuation, and discounted cash flow (DCF) valuation.

4. Transaction Opportunities

This is where the recommendations are proposed and a strategic review is conducted.

5. Team Overview

The Investment Banking Deal Term and Deal Tombstones are submitted here.
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