This Investment Banking Resume template is a helpful Word template for those wanting guidance with their CV.

In particular, this is tailored to finance professionals who are looking to enter the investment banking industry and want to stay in-line with industry standards in order to stand a chance with recruiters. There are a number of important points that one must take into account when writing their CV:
  • Limit your resume to a 1 page document. Regardless of experience or skills, it is essential the information is concise and to the point for recruiters.
  • Emphasize academic results and successes. What is particularly important within the investment banking industry is the academics of a potential candidate.
  • Convey appropriate financial experience. Add an internship or financial experience that shows employers you already have some skills required for the position.
  • Describe extra-curricular activities to demonstrate that you can manage your time and work hard.
It is necessary to take these points into account when writing your investment banking resume. This ready-to-use template will help to create a suitable CV to give you the best chance of success in your application.
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