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Automated Annual Employee Attendance Report with beautiful Calender (Date Pciker)

> Fully Automated Vacation Tracker Dashboard with Monthly Calendar View
>  Can Use the Template Continuously for Many Years (Keep All Your Data Organized in One File
> Customize Which Days Are Weekends (Not Working Days)
> Account Company Holidays
> Track Vacation for Multiple Employees
> Employees Can Have Start Dates and Termination Dates
> Can Handle Partial Days of Leave
> Easy to Enter Leave in Ranges of Dates (Example: 4 Days of Leave from Nov 21St To Nov 24Th)
> Easy to Customize Colors to Suit Your Preferences
> Calculates Worked Days Automatically
> Customize Settings to Meet Your Business Needs
> Track 5 Types of Employee Leave and It Can Be More Than 5 as per your requirements.

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