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Use our available HR forms and templates to better manage your people in a company and boost productivity!
Employee Evaluations - Cheat Sheet Employee Evaluations - Cheat Sheet
Employee Evaluations Cheat Sheet
Employee Reference Check Template Employee Reference Check Template
Download the employee reference check template to learn the most important questions to ask. In what context did you work…
New Employee Checklist
New Employee Checklist
In Out and Absent Status for Each Employee In Out and Absent Status for Each Employee
You can track the Employee In-Out and Absent Status of each Employee in a Summary sheet very clearly.
Data Entry User Form
Employee Data Entry Form created by using VBA.
Star Chart Employee Evaluations Star Chart Employee Evaluations
A free template from Getting People Right, an online e-learning platform that offers practical online courses in leadership and human…
Coach and Connect Form Coach and Connect Form
The coach and connect form is a simple coaching tool to use with team members on a quarterly basis. Engage…
DISC Cheat Sheet DISC Cheat Sheet
An invaluable cheat sheet for the popular personality testing system, DISC. Visit for a full course for free!
HR KPI Report & Dashboard HR KPI Report & Dashboard
Designed fully automated HR KPI Report and Dashboard with Comparison.
Coach and Connect - Employee Feedback
Coach and Connect - Employee Feedback
9 Box Grid Talent Management Template 9 Box Grid Talent Management Template
The 9-Box Grid Talent Management Template is an Excel Spreadsheet designed to help evaluate an employee’s current and potential level of contribution…
Employee Leave Tracker Employee Leave Tracker
> Automated Annual Employee Attendance Report > Fully Automated Vacation Tracker Dashboard with Monthly Calendar View >  Can Use the…
Screening Interview Guide Screening Interview Guide
A guide to help you execute the screening interview, a 20 minute interview to filter out potential candidates for your…

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CFI Marketplace has a wide range of free HR forms that can easily be used as templates or a starting point for your own company or career.

What is Human Resources Management?

Human Resources Management (HRM) is the entire formal systems built to assist with the management of employees and other internal stakeholders of a firm. The three main functions of a human resource department of a company are recruitment, compensation, and distribution of work among employees. The HRM is responsible for maximizing work productivity within the company.

Major Activities Performed in HR

The roles of HR personnel include but are not limited to the following:

  • Recruit talents for open positions
  • Screen and choose the best-fit candidates for open jobs
  • Onboard new employees and provide orientations
  • Train employees on skills they need for their jobs
  • Support continued employee development
  • Pay salaries, overtime, bonuses, and other employee compensation
  • Ensure efficient human resource allocation across departments or functions

Types of HR Forms and Templates

The most popular types of free human resources documents are:

  • Vacation request form
  • Small business
  • Leave request
  • Candidate record
  • Record of employment
  • Reference check
  • Performance review
  • Employment agreement
  • Employee time sheet
  • Professional development
  • Emergency information
  • Meeting minutes
  • Policy of leave and absence