Imagine you have a projection plan for three years forecasting a period for your company, including revenue growth & Operation Margins EBIT ( 1 -t ) or NOPLAT.

You would need a model which can measure your projections and assumptions with your future revenue’s stable growth, your expected operations margins and also your company’s performance.

Of course all of this should be within the line of maximum cap in your industrial revenues future stable growth and sustainable change on the operations margin on the sector of your business.

And then there are important questions, like “Does your company’s new projections assumption generate cash (create Shareholder’s value), consume cash (destroy shareholders value) or put your company in a situation of equalisation i.e. ( generating cash = consuming cash)?

This tool contain three detailed excel models for the above mentioned three cases.

You will clearly learn how the inner company gross cash flows and gross investments in your business applies to your company value and future performance.

First : if your company’s future assumptions lead to a Gross Cash Flow > Gross Investments Cash Flows i.e. Investment rate less than100 or 1 ( on average 23.84% in case of Generated cash on the example in the excel model
Second: if Gross Cash Flow < gross investment I.e. investment rate greater than 1 or 100% ( on average 110.37% in case of consuming cash
Three: If Gross Cash Flow = Gross investments i.e. investment rate equals exactly 1 or 100% ( on average 100% in the case Consumed cash = generated cash)

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