This detailed, yet easy to use three statement financial model will allow you to calculate your business' profit and loss, build a balance sheet and calculate cash flow.

Additionally it will calculate the valuation of the company based on the 3 financial statements created.

- Profit and Loss Statement
- Balance Sheet
- Cash Flow

- Valuation

These three essentials are displayed within the "outputs" tab, and are automatically calculated based on the extensive "inputs" tab.

The inputs tab allows for the inputting of a huge amount of financial date for your business. These inputs cover a wide range of financial data:

- Sales
- Costs (Variable and Fixed)
- Taxes
- Receivables
- Payables
- Inventory
- Business Cycle
- Cash
- Overdraft
- Fixed Assets (New and Existing)
- Long Term Debt
- Share Capital

As such, the tool calculates your profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow based on an extensive amount of input data to create incredibly accurate outputs and forecasts, as well as help you perfom a valuation of your company.

In the "outputs" tab, you are then given an in depth profit and loss statement, with information ranging from gross profit, EBIT margins and net income margins. 

You will also get your balance sheet, in which you will get a calculation of your total assets, total liabilities and total equity.

Finally, the tool calculates your cash flow to give you several useful outputs such as operating cash flow, investing cash flows and financing cash flows.

Ultimately, this is an incredibly simple to use tool that will allow you to get an in-depth overview of your business' financial performance. Furthermore, the tool will use you input data to create accurate forecasts for your future financial performance and in the valuation tab it will enable you the perform a DCF analysis and determine the value of your company based on the created 3 statement model.

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