This Property Plant and Equipment Schedule Template is a simple and easy to use, one-sheet worksheet that will allow you to monitor, analyze and schedule the Property, Plant & Equipment (PP&E) of your business over a 5 year period.

PP&E is a non-current, tangible capital asset on a company's balance sheet, which consists of items such as machinery, equipment, vehicles, buildings, land, and office space. PP&E is used in the business to generate revenue and profits, and is an extremely important part of business operations as it is related to the business' long term capital expenditure. A business' PP&E represents an essential element of their overall balance sheet and general financial considerations. When creating a financial plan for your business, it is essential to consider PP&E depreciation. This PP&E Schedule Template will allow you to create a PP&E schedule for your capital assets based on the following formula: Closing PP&E = Opening PP&E + Capital Expenditures – Accumulated Depreciation Capital expenditures (or CapEx for short) are the additions to the net property, plant and equipment balance on the balance sheet. These additions result when the company invest money in either (1) upgrading and maintaining existing equipment, or (2) purchasing new equipment.

PP&E Schedule Components

This model consists of the following components: By using this model, you will be able to create a detailed depreciation schedule for your capital assets. It uses PP&E formulas in order to calculate the depreciation of your technology, property and equipment, as well as your total depreciation and closing balance.

How to Use This PP&E Schedule Template

In this template, you will need to input numbers in the cells with blue font. These include the opening balance in the first year for both technology and property & equipment, the capital expenditures for each period, and the depreciation expenses for each period based on the capital expenditures in each year. All the cells with black font are formulas driven. Once you enter all the required inputs, these figures will be generated automatically and you will be able to calculate the closing balance for technology and property & equipment for each period.

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