This purchase comes with two separate and unique gantt schedules. Both are built in Google Sheets and the file you are purchasing is a Word Doc that has both links to those Google Sheets. Note, the templates will require a free Gmail account in order to use. Hit File > Make a Copy once you have opened up the links.

Type 1:

The first Gantt chart is a color-coded crew planner. This allows for up to 10 different crews to show on a schedule based on the various jobs that each crew is planned to be working on over time. The timing of each column can be on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Based on the start/end date of each job, the relevant color for each crew will highlight across the time period that they are scheduled to be working on a project. There are enough columns so that if you are on a weekly planning period, you can see 1 year’s worth of time at once.


The second Gantt chart is more complex and has a bit more functionality. It lets the user define the total man hours budget for each job, start/end date, and name of job. The schedule will highlight in grey any boxes that fall into usage based on the data entries. Time frames include daily, weekly, and monthly. The best part of this model is that the user can define a man hours budget for each period and the calculations have been setup so the actual hours planned to be used for all the jobs aggregate in each period (daily/weekly/monthly) and then you can see if you have scheduled more or less hours than is total budgeted in each period when accounting for all scheduled jobs. The nice thing about this type of Gantt schedule is that you can see (visually and numerically) if you have scheduled in more hours than you had planned for across all jobs.

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