Schedules Templates

Take advantage and use our library of pre-built finance schedules templates to simplify your financing modeling process and produce a detailed supporting schedule!
Property Plant and Equipment Schedule Template Property Plant and Equipment Schedule Template
This Property Plant and Equipment Schedule Template is a simple and easy to use, one-sheet worksheet that will allow you…
Capital Expenditure (CapEx) Excel Calculator Capital Expenditure (CapEx) Excel Calculator
Capital expenditure (CapEx) is the amount of money invested by a business in the acquisition, maintenance, and improvement of fixed…
Loan Repayment scheduler Loan Repayment scheduler
This template help you plan your repayment of loan or debt.  
Amortization Schedule (Automatic) Amortization Schedule (Automatic)
An amortization calculator is used to determine the periodic payment amount due on a loan (typically a mortgage), based on the amortization process. The amortization repayment…
Tax Depreciation Schedule Tax Depreciation Schedule
Tax depreciation schedule will help in the calculation of depreciation based tax basis in the Indian Income Tax Act and…

Schedules Templates in Excel

Types of Schedules

Supporting schedules is a section in a financial model used to break down the more complex calculations such as the monthly or yearly interest and depreciation expenses. Below are some of the common types of schedules financial analysts would build to produce more accurate figures:

Debt schedule

A debt schedule lists all of the debt a business currently has and they are usually ordered according to maturity. The main purpose of a debt schedule is to determine:

  • Interest expenses which flow into the income statement
  • Closing debt balances which are shown on the balance sheet
  • Principal repayments which flow into the cash flow statement in the financing activities section

Property plant and equipment schedule or depreciation schedule

A PP&E schedule, sometimes referred to as depreciation schedule, allows financial analysts to track and forecast the value of a company’s fixed assets, capital expenditures, and depreciation expenses. The formula for calculating net PP&E is:

Net PP&E = Gross PP&E + Capital Expenditure – Accumulated Depreciation