Project finance model which is not fixed to any particular industry. Easy to incorporate various revenue and cost lines. Particularly useful for the feasibility study of the potential projects. The main outcome of the model is to resolve the optimum price to achieve required hurdle rate, based on the flexible cost and debt terms. Model incorporates the following concepts:

• Flexible construction, fixed operation and variable operation costs with multiple cost curves;
• Dynamic timeline;
• Multiple currencies and indexations affecting both revenue and cost;
• Depreciation, capital allowances and corporate tax calculations;
• VAT refund structure is flexible to incorporate rules form different countries;
• Waterfall to determine the funding requirement, including 3 options for debt and equity drawdown: pari passu, debt first and equity first.
• Debt service includes upfront fees, commitment fees and interest expense;
• Multiple debt repayment options – cash sweep, pmt and sculpting;
• Financial statements - income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement;
• Dashboard with the main outcomes and visualisation of cash flows and equity outputs;
• Circularity break macro – copy paste approach;
• Count and present errors if optimisation is required;
• Optimisation macro – incorporating goal seek and circularity break.

This is a base project finance model, which follows best practices in financial modelling and VBA. The model will be expanded in the future to incorporate more complex aspects. Stay in touch to see the new features. Please contact me directly if you have any questions or suggestions.

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