Get the Flower Shop Business Plan template. Find out how profitable flower business ideas could be. Check how to start a home-based floral business!


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Are you a talented florist and cannot imagine your life without a creating of beautiful bouquets and make it for all your friends and acquaintances?


Are you desire to turn your hobby into a source of income, but you don’t know how to begin and afraid that you don’t have specialized knowledge, and you will fail?


We have created the flower shop business plan – a flexible Excel template that includes all the necessary financial calculations for procuring productive work.


You can plan data not only at the start-up stage but also in the process of work. It is suitable both for personal use and for presentation to investors.


This flower shop business plan uses the calculation of walk-in traffic – the primary indicator for every retail store and includes all the necessary reports.


You do not need to have special finance skills – flower shop financial plan is so easy to manage that it will do everything for you. You will get a full forecast for five years, and you can easily manage performance KPIs.


You will have management reports like Profit and Loss Statement, Cash Flow Statement, Break-Even point analysis, profit by product categories, and many others. For your convenience, the core KPIs displayed in the form of an all-in-one dashboard.


Our pleased buyers and we have thoroughly tested our powerful Excel florist business plan template. It does not contain macros and external links. The model will recalculate all formulas immediately once you change any of the inputs.


Flower Shop Financial Plan Template Will Help You


Outline Walk-In Traffic by weekdays
Design a Seasonality of Walk-In Traffic
Set up Walk-In Traffic growth by years
Plan walk-in traffic conversion into shoppers
Adjust the percentage of repeat buyers

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