The Boutique Hotel Financial Model provides a 5-year annual
forecast along with a month-by-month forecast of the business. This has 3
preloaded scenarios to allow flexibility with certain assumptions like
Occupancy Rate and Room Rate. Included in the template you will find:

The Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash
Flow Statement

An Assumptions Section with key drivers for the
business specific to a Boutique Hotel with 3 scenarios

Tabs for Historical Returns and Summary of the
annual Financial Statements

Graph to visually display the Break-Even

First is the Assumptions sections where assumptions are
entered in the cells for the projection periods. The model contains sections
for 3 scenarios plus a live scenario for flexibility in the forecast periods.
These scenarios can be selected from a drop-down menu in Cell F7. Assumptions
focus on key drivers specific to running a Boutique Hotel. Here you will see assumptions
for Occupancy Rate and Room Rate that can vary based on season. Variable
Expenses are set as a % of Revenue and Fixed Expenses are set as exact dollar

The Income Statement is completely linked to the selected
scenario from the assumptions section, except for any Other Income items. Other
Income items such as Food and Beverage, Merchandise Sales, and Memberships can
be manually entered into the model. The Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement
are all linked with formulas, except CAPEX in the Cash Flow, so limited editing
is necessary. Lastly, the Charts and Graphs sections displays the Break-Even
Analysis visually. The correlating data is above the graphs and tied to the
model with formulas so they will automatically adjust to any modifications in
the model. 

The tab for Historical Returns is there for any historical
Income Statements the Boutique Hotel may have. The Summary tab is all linked to
the Proforma and Historical Returns tabs to display the three financial
statements on an annual basis.

All cells in blue font are input cells where custom
information can be entered. All cells in black font are formulas set to
streamline the model. All cells in green font are linked to other tabs in the
model. Sections are grouped to condense the model to view sections

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