Recent Updates: Integrated 3-statement model, capitalization table, contribution / distribution summary with DCF Analysis / IRR, and lots of formatting changes for a more professional view.

This is a very simple-to-use and understandable SaaS financial model. It has four basic pricing tiers. The user can configure subscriber assumptions and OpEx in a way that anyone can figure out and input accurately without messing up much. COGS is defined as a percentage of total revenue only per year.

The model does drive down to EBITDA and cash flow as well as has a basic DCF Analysis and terminal value.

Subscriber Inputs:

  • Up to 4 tiers
  • Start month
  • Starting sub count
  • Average monthly value per subscriber per tier
  • Monthly CAGR of subscribers per tier
  • One-time setup fee per tier
  • Average monthly churn rate per year per tier

Advanced KPI metrics are derived from the pro forma on a monthly basis. This is possible because the total Sales and Marketing costs per year are definable and measuring that against the total added subscribers per month results in a CaC. Also, the churn rate allows for an average life of a subscriber and the resulting revenue in that time to be calculated as well as the LTV to CaC ratio.

This is a very simplified model that was built to be a quick tool to use for any business that has month-to-month subscriber pricing tiers. One sensitivity analysis that is shown is the valuation per a given run rate based on final year run rate x a sales multiple.

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