Industry Specific Financial Models

In this marketplace you will find industry specific templates such as financial models and other excel tools. Browse through our catalog of excel models and tools created by industry professionals. Use these to save you time.
Banking Industry Comps Template
This banking industry comps template is used as a guideline to create a comparable companies universe for the banking industry.…
Retail Industry Comps Template
CFI's retail industry comps template is an example of a comparable companies universe for a company in the retail industry…
Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) Template
The levelized cost of energy (LCOE), also referred to as the levelized energy cost (LEC) or the levelized cost of…
Pharmaceutical Industry Comps Template
This pharmaceutical industry comps template provides a look at a comps table would look like for a company in the…
Airline Industry Comps Template
CFI's airline industry comps template provides a comparable companies universe for American Airlines Group Inc., a company in the airline…
Telecom Industry Comps Template
This telecom industry comps template provides a guideline and example of what a comparables universe would look like for a…
SaaS Excel Financial Model Template
SaaS stands for Software as a Service, it is a type of eCommerce businesses which offers purely software products to…
Real Estate Excel Financial Model Template
This Real Estate Financial Model template allows investors to determine the cash flow generated from a real estate development project…
TMT Financial Model Template
This TMT financial model template is used to value technology, media, and telecom firms. This model provides a template to…
Bank Financial Model Template
This bank financial model template is used to value financial institutions group (FIG) companies. This is a comprehensive model that…
Cable Industry Comps Template
Use this cable industry comps template as a guideline for a comparable companies universe for Charter Communications Inc. Charter is…

Industry Specific Templates – Excel Financial Models

Here you can currently find models of the following industries:

#1 Real Estate Financial Model

Real Estate is the largest asset class in the world. Analysts around the world need to build excel financial models to analyze the investment return profile of a development project. In this marketplace you will find industry specific templates for real estate.

#2 LBO Financial Model

A Leveraged Buyout Financial Model is typically used by Private Equity Firm. The LBO templates in this marketplace will help you streamline the process of creating a layout that clearly states assumptions, connecting the 3 financial statements, building forecast, creating supporting schedules, and more. Use these templates to help you focus on what is actually important and save time when modeling.

#3 eCommerce Financial Model

eCommerce industry has undergone a significant transformation since its inception. Most companies today have adopted a omnichannel or hybrid approach to marketing their goods & services. With this eCommerce financial models have become more prevalent.

#4 Mining Financial Model

Mining Financial Models generally have industry specific requirements, such as pulling information from a Feasibility Study. These templates will help you build a model to value a mining company that is complete with assumptions, financial information, valuation output, scenario and sensitivity analysis, and visualization charts.

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