This startup financial model template was created in Microsoft Excel and consists of 16 separate sheets. It's a five-year forecast (by month for the first year).

This model is powerful, built for new users and experts alike; very easy to use and understand.

The sheets have color-coded cells to prompt for inputs that drive financial formulas that produce results, GAAP-compliant Pro Forma financials.

The model produces a forecasted Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Statement of Cash Flows.

The model is very simple and straightforward, with many of the details of revenue and expense handled with Assumption inputs where users can easily play around with all major assumptions related to this platform and see the effects on financial statements. The model is ideal for startups as well.

The model is user-friendly and assumptions can be modified to suit your multiple streams of income.

Features include:
● Global Inputs tab for 12-months projected to 5 years model
● Revenue sources
● Salary and Operating Expense worksheets
● Capital Expense (investment) and Depreciation worksheets
● Integrated Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement
● Summary Sheet to analyze some basic ratios and profitability of the business
● A simple interactive dashboard.

These templates contain clearly labeled input cells, focusing the users on key assumptions they control, prompting an accurate forecast.
Users could fine-tune the values and any currency of their type to suit the business.

Instructions are included in the startup model Excel workbook to help the users how and on which template to enter information. 

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