This Gold Charts Dashboard Template will help you visualize some of the key metrics for a Gold ETF and how it compares to the commodity. The data tab is where you would import the daily required data, these include the following:
  • Gold Price
  • Total Ounces
  • Change in Ounces
  • Last Price of ETF
  • Volume
The other tab contains the dashboard, where all the graphs are presented. The data is displayed in 4 clean graphs that are designed to help you track and compare the movements of the ETF to the commodity's price movement. The first graph is a combo of an area and line chart where you can contrast the total ounces to the gold price per ounce. The second chart is a column chart that shows the change in ounces in multiple periods. The third chart is a scatterplot with a line of best fit, this graph aims to show the correlation between the number of gold ounces held by the ETF and the Gold Price. The last chart is also a combo of a column chart and a line chart, which contrasts the daily change in ounces with the gold price. Here is a quick summary of the 4 charts:
  1. Total Ounces vs Gold Price per Ounce - Combo Chart (Area + Line Chart) 
  2. Daily Change in Ounces - Column Chart
  3. Gold ounces vs Gold Price - Scatterplot
  4. Daily Change in Ounces vs Gold Price - Combo Chart (Column + Line)
Dashboards are extremely useful tools for data visualization. They help business professionals track and monitor the changes in key metrics over time. If you are a beginner with Dashboards the following template is a great starting point: How to create a dashboard in Excel. If you want to learn more about Dashboard, check out this resource in the Corporate Finance Institute website: Creating a Dashboard in Excel Thank you for downloading this FREE Gold Charts Dashboard Template.
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