Download an accounts receivable dashboard in excel. Analyze the movements of the AR and operate the “cash in” of your firm.Accounts receivable is one of the financial bases of every business. For small companies, the smooth running of the AR can determine whether your firm will become profitable or make losses. To keep track of the movements of this financial indicator, you don't have to advise with an accountant. Do it yourself with a few clicks in excel document!

Finmodels Lab created a well-ordered dashboard template, which allows you to clearly see the structure of account receivable, track how long the invoices are being paid, and compare it the business' cash flow.
The template owner won't need advanced excel skills – enter the date in the excel template and run the dashboard.

After uploading our free example, you will be able to:

- review the total amount of accounts receivable
- check the breakdown by payment terms
- see how much of your AR is overdue
- operate your working capital during the year
- visually see the impact of an AR on cash flow
- collect invoices in time

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