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Financial Dashboard Template Financial Dashboard Template
This Financial Dashboard Template is an excellent ready-to-use Excel tool for finance professionals who would like to create a clean…
Option Profit/Loss Graph Maker Option Profit/Loss Graph Maker
This free Option Profit/Loss Graph Maker allows the user to combine up to ten different types of options as well…
Financial Charts and Graphs Excel Template Financial Charts and Graphs Excel Template
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Bullet Chart Excel Template Bullet Chart Excel Template
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Gold Charts Dashboard Template Gold Charts Dashboard Template
This Gold Charts Dashboard Template will help you visualize some of the key metrics for a Gold ETF and how…
Revenue dashboard Revenue dashboard
Strengths of revenue dashboard: Basic information can be set to setup page. Customer payments by recording paid cell and automatically…
Charts and Dashboards in Excel (short version) Charts and Dashboards in Excel (short version)
Very few people think of Excel as being able to produce professional-quality business charts. But this is true - Excel…
CryptoCurrency Portfolio Dashboard in Microsoft Excel CryptoCurrency Portfolio Dashboard in Microsoft Excel
 CryptoCurrency Portfolio Dashboard in Microsoft Excel
SWOT Analysis Template TRIAL SWOT Analysis Template TRIAL
Editable SWOT analysis template that can be used in Business Plan or Pitch Deck.A SWOT analysis is a simple and…
Sales Analytics Dashboard in Microsoft Excel Sales Analytics Dashboard in Microsoft Excel
A sales dashboard is a tool that enables c-level executives and managers to effectively control sales KPIs and monitor them…
Excel Budget Template Excel Budget Template
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Churn Dashboard & Customer Risk Analysis in Microsoft POWER BI Churn Dashboard & Customer Risk Analysis in Microsoft POWER BI
 Churn Dashboard & Customer Risk Analysis in Microsoft POWER BI
Accounts Receivable Dashboard TRIAL Accounts Receivable Dashboard TRIAL
Download an accounts receivable dashboard in excel. Analyze the movements of the AR and operate the “cash in” of your…
Balanced Scorecard Template Excel TRIAL Balanced Scorecard Template Excel TRIAL
Ready-to-use Balanced Scorecard Template with examples of KPIs for different business domains.The Balanced Scorecard Template referred to as the BSC,…
Daily Time Tracking Spreadsheet Dashboard TRIAL Daily Time Tracking Spreadsheet Dashboard TRIAL
Free Get Daily Time Tracking Spreadsheet Dashboard for FREE for Employee Time Tracking in Excel. For Business owners and HR…

Charts, Graphs & Dashboards Templates

Why Use Charts, Graphs and Dashboards?

An essential skill that financial analysts should possess is to present financial results using visuals, such as charts, graphs and dashboard in Excel. Good visuals allow analysts to effectively communicate their analyses, display trends and changes in the data, and help management make better decisions about the operations.

Top 10 Types of Charts and Graphs for Finance

Below are the top ten types of charts and graphs used by finance professionals to deliver powerful presentations:

#1 Line Graphs: Line graphs are great for showing multiple series of data which are closely related in a simplistic look.

#2 Bar or Column Graphs: Bar and column graphs are optimal for displaying a single data series to show trends and seasonality. They have a heavier weight than line graphs and can be used to highlight a single data point.

#3 Combo Chart: A combo chart consists of two types of graphs, usually with a bar chart and line chart. Combo chart is commonly used to display two data series in distinct scales, units, and measures (for example, revenues in dollar amount and profit margins in percentage).

#4 Scatterplot: Scatterplots are often used in statistical analysis because they represent the relationship between two data series. Analysts can draw a line of best fit using the data points and calculate the correlation of the two variables.

#5 Waterfall Chart: Waterfall chart is available in Excel 2016 and later versions, or it can be built alternatively using stacked column charts. When performing variance analysis, financial analysts use waterfall chart to reflect the positive and negative impacts of different factors on the target value.

#6 Pie Chart: Pie charts are good for breaking down the proportions of different items relative to the total amount.

#7 Histogram: Histogram is a useful tool for showing the distribution of a data set. The graph displays the frequency of each category.

#8 Gauge Chart: Gauge charts are more complicated to build and involve the use of combination of a pie and a doughnut chart. They are perfect for showing performance on a scale or measuring the actual vs target performance of a business.

#9 Area Graph: Area chart is a solid area graph showing cumulative data series. It helps users easily visualize the weight of each data series relative to the other.

#10 Spider Chart / Radar Graph: A spider chart or radar graph is useful for comparing multiple series using different criteria measured in scales.