The template provides a short financial
description of the business that allow the reader to understand the highlights
of the report.

The template provides the reader a
brief financial report, clear and expresses the main finding or conclusions, it
can save the reader a lot of time, it is slightly shorter version of the full
report, instead it describes briefly the main points that the reader wants to

The report is not linked to full
financial report, you need to get the data from your software or full financial
reports that you have and insert the data in the green cells

the power point, you need to copy from excel and recommended to paste as
picture in power point

What is included?

The template provides a summary of the
following below

  1. Sales analysis
  2. Gross profit analysis
  3. Profit from operation
  4. Major expenses
  5. Working capital
  6. Cash flow
  7. Balance sheet analysis
  8. Receivables ageing analysis
  9. Ratios
  10. weighted average cost of capital
  11. Valuation
  12. Revenue growth
  13. Free cash flow
  14. Payback period
  15. Metrics


Key inputs in the green tabs

Fill the green cells only

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