This model enables you to present a comparison between actual results with last period and budgeted figures, either monthly or year to date. You can also show the monthly trend of the income statements figures for current period, last period, and budgeted figures.

You have many drill-down lists that you can choose among them. You can select the month. You can select between regions, business lines and divisions. This depends on your data mapping.

The model is fully dynamic, and also the charts are fully dynamic.

In the "Charts" sheet, you can present your charts in a high powerful and amazing way. Such that, you can change the theme, you can show or hide the tabs, and you can hide or show the info button.

The charts' tabs use to switch between current month charts or year to date chart. The info tab presents more information about the chart. The settings button used to change the theme, hide or show the charts tabs, and hide or show the info tabs.

it is really high powerful model.

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