General Overview


Business segment reporting breaks out a company's financial data by company divisions, subsidiaries, or other kinds of business segments. In a monthly or annual report, business segment reporting provides an accurate picture of a public company's performance to its shareholders. Management uses business segment reporting to evaluate the income, expenses of each business division to assess its general health including profitability and potential pitfalls

The Importance of Business Segment Reporting
Segment reporting provides information about the different types of business activities in which a public company engages and the different economic environments in which it operates. This information helps investors to

  • better understand and evaluate a company's performance,
  • assess its prospects for future net cash flows,
  • understand the business as a whole,
  • make more informed judgments about the company, and
  • make clearer decisions about their investments


The template shows only P&L segment reporting for 3 business units,

Conclusion and customization


Highly versatile, very sophisticated financial template and friendly user

If you have any inquiry, modification or to customize the model for your business please reach us through: [email protected]

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