This is a monthly SaaS KPI tracker for three key metrics. They include:

  • Average Customer Acquisition Cost (CaC)
  • Present Value of Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)
  • LTV to CaC Ratio
  • Average Months to Payback CaC

The model has a primary calculator tab that lets the user plug in static figures and see output results of the key metrics above.
There is also a tracking tab for actual data. The input cells would be populated by actual data from your SaaS business and the output KPIs would display automatically based on formulas. The tracker runs for up to a 60-month view at one time. There are also visualizations of the primary outputs over this time period.
This tool is very important for SaaS companies to utilize if they are trying to get healthier financially and improve the strength of the operation. By measuring, this puts direct pressure on improving things that make the results better. Without measuring, you are flying blind.

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