This is a pricing tool for any type of manufacturing operation, no matter how big or small. The goal seek this solves for is the expected price you need to charge for a product in order to make a certain profit target. A scenario analysis is also included to compare up to 3 different sales volumes and profit margin targets.
The tool has the following input sections:

  • Supply and Material Costs
  • Labor (defined by headcount/salary annual)
  • Sales and Marketing Costs
  • Other Overhead
  • Unit Sales (up to 3 scenarios)
  • Profit Target (margin)
  • And the following outputs automatically populate / adjust as the inputs above are adjusted:
  • Cost per Unit
  • Unit Sale Price
  • Total Sales/Revenue
  • Profit per Unit
  • Total Net Profit

A visualization was built to show the different profit and cost per unit against each sales volume scenario as well as the total sales revenue and total cost per volume. If you need to do some general financial analysis / scenario planning to better understand potential outcomes of your manufacturing business, this Excel tool will help shed some light. The calculations are for a periodic basis of any single period. Simply be sure to enter data that is all for the same period (costs and unit volumes should be for whatever period this analysis is for). It doesn’t have to be annual, just consistent.
You could also set the profit margin target to 0% in order to determine the break even price you must charge.

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