This 5-year financial model is designed to best fit a Jewelry Shop, but it would be relevant for any business that sells various categories of items in a retail shop. One that is more of a boutique rather than a supermarket or big box store. A small antique store comes to mind as well.
The primary assumptions for revenue are laid out in 8 different categories. Each category has 6-15 slots that represent a specific product type. Each of those slots has a configuration for start month, average sale price (low, medium, high) and note that means you can actually get granular enough to show up to 3 different product types within each category slot separated by price, volume done within each of the 3 tiers and margin. 
There is an easy on/off switch for each slot if you want to zero out sections in bulk without having to zero out each assumption slot.
For sales forecasting, each slot has a defined estimated monthly sales count that can change over the 5-year span. Fixed operating expenses are defined by their monthly value per each of the years and start month / description. There is a section for one-time startup costs and future CapEx as well for maximum cash flow strategizing.
Final output summaries show a granular monthly and annual pro forma, an annual Executive Summary, and annual break-even analysis, enterprise valuation, lots of visualizations, return summary (IRR/ROI and more), and a DCF Analysis for the project (leverage available).
There are two sensitivity drivers that can make the total sales count and price change by a defined percentage up or down from the base if so desired.
Final summarizations include showing the average sales count, revenue, and percentage of total revenue per year by product category.

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