Financial Assistant Excel Template Bundle will greatly assist in everyday simple financial calculations. The bundle allows gaining a quick overview of company's financials and seeing its financial standing.

You can use the bundle if you have landed a job as a financial assistant at your firm and need to prepare a basic financial analysis. If you need any assistance or adjustments for the templates please reach us via a Private Message.

What is included in the Financial Assistant Excel Template Bundle?

  • Express Evaluation Template for a New Project
  • 3-way Financials (5 years)
  • Break-even Analysis
  • Financial Ratio Analysis (annual)
  • Balanced Scorecard

Express Evaluation template is a great tool for project owners or business decision makers to quickly evaluate the project profitability and financial health. The model included all the relevant financial statements to forecast the return of investment and calculate the project pay-off. The financial model will help you to quickly make any adjustments and see the results. For example, you can change the sales growth rate and see the NPV of the project already in seconds!

3 - way Financials template comprises three key financial statements: Profit & Loss statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Projections. Usually, people have a hard time to synchronize these statements so that the balance sheet balances out. Our template automatically creates a five year cashflow statements from the projected number in the P&L and the BS.

Break-even Analysis is an important tool for project owners and people working in finance to determine the minimum target volumes for a new project or business. The analysis will show you how much products or services the company should sell to cover its costs. It provides you with the ability to split the costs between Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) and Selling, General & Administrative costs (SG&A). The model will also provide calculations to choose the optimal price level depending on the number of units sold.

Financial Ratio Analysis template allows to compare and analyze financial ratios of (1) up to 5 different companies or (2) 1 company during a period of 5 years. This is a great tool if you want to assess your company's main strengths and weaknesses against your competitors by different parameters. 

Balanced Scorecard Calculator is a template that helps to evaluate the performance of a selected employee and calculate their wage in accordance with the results achieved. The design of the Balanced Scorecard Calculator allows viewing how well an employee has performed different goals as well as the overall performance. The calculator automatically adjusts the wage of an employee in accordance with their performance. It is quite simple and can be used for one employee at a time. The evaluation numbers will appear in tow colors, red and blue, and will show whether the employee has underperformed or outperformed the goal. 

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