Evaluate the effectiveness of your company’s sales on credit

The Accounts Receivable Analysis is a template that helps to analyze Debtors and Accounts Receivable of a company. This model evaluates the effectiveness of the company’s collection of debts and their reliability. Accounts Receivable Analysis is important because it affects directly the amount of profit the company earns, its cash balance as well as the Cash Conversion Cycle.

The template contains four worksheets:

  • Input data: collects the information on each debtor, such as the amount of debts for each overdue period;
  • Analysis by individual debtor: displays analytics by each individual debtor, i.e. the breakdown of its debts by overdue dates;
  • Analysis by overdue period: displays the breakdown of debts by each overdue period;
  • Recovery forecast: calculates the actual (expected) amount of Accounts Receivable outstanding; this data can be used to calculate the values for bad and doubtful debts as well as the required amount of provision for them.

The functionality of the Accounts Receivable Analysis:

  • analyze Receivables by individual debtors and overdue periods;
  • easily plug in data from your accounting system;
  • calculate the expected amount of Accounts Receivable.
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