Free 12 Month Cash Flow Statement Template. 1 Click to Get It!

Free 12 Month Cash Flow Statement Template. Free Cash Flow Projection for 12 Months. Ready for Immediate download with 1 Click. Get It Now!


One of the most significant pain points of managing a small business is the Cash Flow Projection for 12 Months. It can all be overwhelming.
To run a successful and profitable business, it’s a good idea to get an understanding of balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements. Although linked to one another, each one serves a unique purpose.


There’s one other thing that’s commonly overlooked, yet it is just as important as a balance sheet and an income statement. And that’s running out of cash from improper cash flow management. This is one of the top reasons why small businesses and startups fail.

Cash is the lifeblood of any business, and this article provides an in-depth overview of how to prepare, read, and analyze a 12-month cash flow statement template. But first, let’s look at the goal of a cash flow statement.


The 12-month cash flow statement template explained
In financial accounting, a cash flow forecast — also known as a cash flow projection —provides businesses with a snapshot of their company’s future cash on hand. It shows how much money your business will make and how it will spend it during a given period. It also shows how well a company is managing its cash to pay back debt and fund operating expenses.


Cash Flow Forecast enables you to identify cash flow trends—so you can make better decisions on how to better use cash to drive business growth. Here is a cash flow forecast example. If your cash flow forecast example indicates less cash on hand in the first quarter of the year, then it is not the right time to invest cash into new, expensive office equipment. Instead, you’d need to focus your efforts on growing revenue to improve profitability.

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