The Wholesale Budget Template is a multi-functional financial planning template for wholesale companies. The template is a great tool for projection of all types of company financials.

The key features of the template allow building sales plans, projecting inventory supply, scheduling purchases and loan payments, and much more. Moreover, the model contains four analytic worksheets which help assess operational profitability and efficiency from different perspectives:

General profitability: Sales, Gross and Net Profit;
Inventory analysis: turnover and average COGS for each product group;
Sales analysis: profitability by each retailer and product group;
Cash flow analysis by each type of activities (operating, investing, and financing).
The template consists of projections for Profit and Loss statement (P&L), Balance sheet (BS), and Cash flow statement (CF). It also provides detailed projections for different cost groups, e.g. payroll, rent, marketing expenses and others. Each worksheet contains detailed instructions.

If you are running a wholesale business, you might also be interested in Wholesale Cash Flow Budget Template and Wholesale Investment Calculator.

Functionality of the wholesale budget template:
-> monthly projections for P&L, Cash Flow Statement and Balance Sheet;
-> monthly earnings calculation by product groups and retailers;
-> forecast of all types of company expenses, such as payroll, administrative and
-> development costs, depreciation/amortization, and more;
-> creation of a product purchase plan taking into account the forecast for market situation and scheduled sales volumes;
-> calculation of optimal inventory levels;
-> scheduling of possible payments to suppliers;
-> forecast of possible payments from retailers as well as possible payment schedules for certain retailers;
-> quick adjustments to key assumptions - the changes will be automatically reflected in all positions of the budget.

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