Budgeting Templates

Download pre-built budgeting templates from CFI Marketplace to start planning, tracking, and measuring your financial goals!
Operating Budget Excel Template Operating Budget Excel Template
An operating budget consists of all revenues and expenses over a specific period of time (usually quarterly or annually) which…
Financial Projection Template Financial Projection Template
This Financial Projection Template is an extensive tool for both Financial analysts and Financial Planning and Analysis professionals. The template…
Cash Budget Template Cash Budget Template
A cash budget template is a financial model built to plan for future funding needed based on historical cash inflows…
Operating Profit Margin Excel Calculator Operating Profit Margin Excel Calculator
Operating profit margin, also referred to as EBIT (short for earnings before interest and tax) margin, is a profitability ratio…
Actual vs. Budget by Department (Fully Dynamic) Actual vs. Budget by Department (Fully Dynamic)
This template is used to compare budget with actual results per department, per month, monthly or YTD. BY choosing among…
Monthly Finance Report (Pivot Table) Monthly Finance Report (Pivot Table)
The file presents the actual vs budget results using pivot table. Unlike my previous budget vs. actual comparison, this file…
Advanced Personal Budget Template Advanced Personal Budget Template
This advanced personal budget template includes everything you need to keep track of your daily, monthly, and yearly personal finances!…
Personal Budget Template Personal Budget Template
This personal budget template is a basic tracker for your daily, monthly, and yearly personal finances! Use this budget if…
Cash Flow Dashboard Template Cash Flow Dashboard Template
Cash Flow Dashboard Template - first 50 downloads for FREE Cash flow is the money that is moving (flowing) in…
Comprehensive Monthly Management Finance Report (Fully Integrated) Comprehensive Monthly Management Finance Report (Fully Integrated)
There are two files: the first one is the mapping for the second file. Convert your TB into your special…
Budget Template Budget Template
This is long term budget covering the time of year or 12-period showing performance analysis versus previous year in addition…
BUDGET Templates
This is flexible budget by using technical and marketing information to now the demand and market share .its include -sales…

Budgeting Templates and Excel Models

What is Budgeting?

Budgeting is the development of a strategic plan on how a company will allocate its resources. Budgeting is an important process for all businesses, as it helps plan the actual operations of the business, coordinate the activities and departments of organizations, and motivate managers to achieve the budgeted goals. The budgeting process typically goes through 4 steps: (1) setting objectives and goals, (2) tracing strategies to achieve those goals, (3) creating measurement techniques and tools, (4) setting targets to be met. Budgets can then be used retroactively to evaluate performance. These budgeting templates can help you save time on your financial planning & analysis.

Types of Budgeting Templates:

A company with a robust budget framework will have a master budget that consists of operating budgets, capital expenditure budgets, and cash budgets.

Operating Budget Template

An operating budget is a plan focused on allocating resources for a company’s major day-to-day operations. It typically breaks down the projected revenue and operating expenses such as salaries by operating segments.

Capital Budget Template

A capital budget is typically devised to plan the purchase of a big asset such as PP&E. Investments in PP&E (CapEx) typically require a large initial cash outflow. The capital budget helps lay out necessary investments and the associated risks, which helps management with their decisions.

Cash Budget Template

The main purpose of a cash budget is to help management plan, track and allocate the company’s cash flows effectively. It outlines the timing of all of the company’s significant cash inflows and outflows, which provides insight on how much additional funds should be raised.

Why is Budgeting Important?

Planning is a vital part of any successful business’ strategy, and a budget allows a company to set goals and have a measurable target to compare its performance to. Use these Budgeting Templates to help set, track, and measure your goals!