Authorities and Responsibilities Matrices


Authorities and Responsibilities Matrices are considered important to organizations due to their role in identifying and documenting decisions that are usually taken on the organizational level, in addition to specifying positions participating in the decision-making process and highlighting their respective roles. This supports the concepts of accountability as means for providing the necessary empowerment for employees and inducing flexibility into the work environment

The Authority Matrix has 10 main categories:

  1. Legal & Strategic (6 decision activities)
  2. Governance & Organization (5 decision activities)
  3. Finance (8 decision activities)
  4. Fixed Assets (4 decision activities)
  5. Sales (9 decision activities)
  6. Receivables & Collections (8 decision activities)
  7. Marketing (5 decision activities)
  8. Inventory & Procurement (7 decision activities)
  9. HR & Personnel (20 decision activities)
  10. IT & Security (2 decision activities)

The Advantages of Matrix

  • Save time & money - creating an Authority Matrix is time consuming and expensive
  • Delegation and empowerment
  • Improve decision making
  • Increased communication efficiency
  • Improved employee motivation
  • Maximizes resource usage
  • Increased employee professional development

Conclusion and customization


Highly versatile, very sophisticated financial template and friendly user

If you have any inquiry, modification or to customize the model for your business please reach us through: [email protected]

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