General overview


This is most important tool to understand and identify the variance.


It will help the business to understand their company's performance by assessing profit and loss and paying attention to budgetary differences.

Therefore, it is a tool used to enhance efficiency in a long-standing manner and sustainably over a period of time


Very simple to use, the user only needs to change the green cells in the green tabs and the outputs are updated instantly

So a quick overview of the model, in the contents sheet you can see the structure of the model and by clicking on any of the headlines will automatically redirected to the relevant sheet

Key inputs in the green tabs


Update the general info the orange tab

Change variance type by choosing the selection boxes in the “Actual vs Budget” tab

All cells in green are input cells

You can find the green cells in the green tabs only

You will get the outcome in the dark blue tabs

You can read the instruction in the light blue tab


Key outcome in the dark blue tabs             


The inputs in the green cells will dynamically flow into the following below:

-Actual vs budget by month by choosing the month in the selection box on column C, row 3

-Actual vs budget YTD by choosing the month in the selection box on column F, row 3

-Actual vs budget by quarter by choosing the quarter in the selection box on column I, row 3

-Actual vs budget full year by choosing the month in the selection box on column L, row 3

-Dashboard summary.


Conclusion and customization


Highly versatile, very sophisticated financial template and friendly user

If you have any inquiry please message me

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Marta Sergeevna

Very usefull template

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