This spreadsheet is consisted of the following 11 (eleven) worksheets:

1 - Cover

2 - Chart

3 - Rates

4 - Assumptions

5 - Set_Up_Process

6 - Suppliers

7 - Products

8 - Customers

9 - Transactions

10 - Cash

11 - Reports


  • Chart sheet gives you brief information about Sausage Casings Types.


  • Rates worksheet gets daily rates using Power Query. Depending on National Bank of Azerbaijan's web site, user must manually enter date in source step of Power Query to refresh the rates.  Please look at attached photo.
    You may find assumptions in the assumptions worksheet
  • Chart of Setup Process step by step can be found in the form of Organizational Chart in Set_Up_Process worksheet
  • Casings Suppliers with their contact information in Suppliers Worksheet
  • Products information in Products Worksheet
  • Customers in Azerbaijan in Customers Worksheet
  • Import, Sale, Return Transactions are done in Transactions Worksheet.
  • Cash based transactions can be found in Cash Worksheet
  • Three reports (Suppliers Based, Customers Based and Products Based) are shown in Reports Worksheet.

    Unique drop-down lists like Investors, Customers, Suppliers gathered using Power Query.  Some excel functions including Sumifs, Xlookup, If, etc. used in this spreadsheet.
    Wish you good luck in your business.

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I found this template very useful. It can be used for small-size companies to follow and control their inventory.
However, some points are subject to improvement.

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