1. Information:

 I have created this template to help you
conduct a follow-up in the employee recruitment process.
- Know the number of available positions and candidates
- Manage the recruiting funnel
- Know the reasons why the company rejected a candidate and visa versa
- Analyse the channels with the highest recruitment of candidates
- Filter all the information according to your interests to evaluate the
aspects of each position

2. Candidate Information:

this tab,you have to fill in all the information related to the candidates,
available jobs and information about the recruitment process. Select the data
previously created in the "Data validation" tab.

3. Data Validation:

Edit and customise the
information according to your company's needs.
*Position: If you are going to open two positions with the same name, we advise
you to distinguish them so that they are individually displayed in the
"Dashboard" tab (e.g.: "Community Manager-ES and "Community
**Recruitment funnel: To display the funnel correctly, please specify the order
you wish to set at the beginning of each name.

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