This is a way to automate your business transactions to flow into a standard profit / loss format. The data entry is Date, Transaction Description (based on a dropdown menu that sources from your definitions for revenue and expense items) and the amount. All values are positive inherently, so if you enter a negative expense value, it would lower expenses.
An additional 5 items are there for 'other' cash in and out items so an actual cash flow per period can be displayed.

The reporting format shows a profit / loss statement on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis. The weekly and monthly reports show up to 2 years at a time and the annual shows up to 5 years at once.
There are visualizations for all time frames as well.
USE: Define line item names in the ‘weekly’ tab, the start year on the ‘control’ tab, and start entering transactions on the ‘data’ tab.
Note: This is a Google Sheet template. The file link is in the download document. A free gmail account is required to use.

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