The output summaries are in a monthly and annual format for up to 5 years.
This template is designed to fit as many different financial forecasts as possible. The user can simply drop in their revenues, cost of goods sold, and operating expenses into the monthly income statement and the Net Income, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement will update automatically.
Other configurable inputs include start year, exit month, income tax rate, capital gains tax rate, and a 'yes/no' selector to pay dividends. The user can also configure amortization terms for senior debt, CapEx (including building / equipment) and the useful life. The depreciation expense will auto-populate.
Another set of available inputs include:

  • Up to 7 investment rounds (amount / date of fundraising / valuation)
  • Terminal value (based on multiple of trailing 12-month revenue)
  • % of exit value assigned to comprehensive income
  • Any value not applied to comprehensive income will go against equipment sales and a capital gains taxable event.
  • Inventory logic (if purchases happen in 'x' months advance of when things actually sell). There is a specific COGS line that references this logic.
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