This budgeting template comes in two forms. Excel and Google Sheets. The Google Sheets version is a 12-month budget that has a few advanced analysis features, more expense slots, and conditional formatting. The Excel version goes for 36 months, but has less analysis features.

In general, the way both work is an entry of up to 3 budgeted revenue streams and expenses per month. A mirror of that is also built for actuals. A final tab shows the variance percentage of every single line item by month and in total.

If an expense item is over budget, the cell will display as red and if a revenue item is under budget, the cell will be red. For the reverse, they will be green (lower expense than budget / higher revenue than budget).

The template was designed for simple use and is straightforward without any macros or complex formulas.

Note, the Google Sheet link is in the ‘instructions’ tab of the Excel download. It requires a free Gmail account in order to open and use. Hite File > Make a Copy once you go to the sheet link in order to have your own editable version.

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